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Help Molly achieve her dream of entering  the world famous Feria d'Arles - France's greatest bullfighting competition. If only she could qualify...

  • Wonderfully crafted pixel art and animation by Matt Frith.
  • Point and click your way around the French town of Arles!
  • Meet, betray, and generally become a nuisance to a host of characters as you go on an adventure to become the world's greatest Matador.



Tom Simpson (@tomakasatnav) - Developer
Matt Frith (@MatthewJFrith) - Pixel art
Jen Pattison (@Estirdalin) - Cover art
Chris Köbke (@chriskoebke) - Music
Alasdair Beckett-King (@MisterABK) - Additional writing and design

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Looking forward to it mate!  Give me a shout if you need me to do any more testing.

Thanks! Looking forward to it being done :D

Wonderful to hear that your game is on track! I'm really looking forward to play it. That will be a day1-purchase for me. Godspeed! :)

Thanks, we're getting there! It'll be free when it comes out, but if you're feeling generous, feel free to send a buckazoid my way when you download it :)

I will, be assured! Such incredibly beautiful pixel-art deserves some of my hard earned coins! ;)

Your game looks just incredibly beautiful and has a unique style! That's what I call perfect pixel art!

I have played your game at ACGHK2018 today. Its funny and graphic is quite Euro- style.

Thanks for playing!