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Feria d'Arles is out now, and there's a 10% off sale for the launch week!


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Dec 05, 2019

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I'm really really impressed so far! There are so many tiny details in your game, all the different animations, the inventory system, the brillant iMuse-like sound-system and so much more... incredible and so full of life and unique atmosphere. There is in fact only one other game in my memory, also realised in the AGS-engine, that has a similar eye for details (the never finished "Journey of Iesir"). Really well done! Alas I'm stuck at the moment, don't know how to get that alcoholic beverage...

Thanks for the kind words, and I think the first person to mention at our mini attempt at the iMuse! Just limited to the 3 rooms, but it was fun to try.

I haven't seen a guide yet, so I'll try give some hints.

- You may have to re-use an inventory item you've already used

- Is there anyway you can do it without the teenager seeing?

Let me know how you get on :)