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Would buying the game here include a Steam key for it too?

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Not automatically but we could figure something out (although it's currently on sale on Steam...)

Yeah, I followed the sale from my wishlist (added when I first read about it). :) I noticed in your trailer. Current full price for both Steam and DRM-free is fine for me, if willing.

Sure. I'll sort you out with a Steam code

Cool, thanks! Purchased and I've followed you as wayens on Twitter. Can you follow back and direct message me? I can show you my receipt.

A real throwback to the art style, humour and puzzling of the old days, thanks!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!


Hi Tom and team! This game is excellent. I am quite impressed. You brought back the high quality LucasArts feel across all aspects of a classic adventure game: graphics, music, dialogues/characters, and puzzles. This is called talent. I can't wait to hear about your next project Tom. Hopefully it will be a full length Kickstarter-backed game. Promising...

Thanks! No Kickstarter, but starting to cook up something more meaty. See you in like 2 years! 

Sounds good. Good luck


Are there any plans for a Linux version of Feria d'Arles?


Nothing concrete yet, but aiming to do something for Linux  & Mac early next year!

Since this game was designed using AGS, making a Mac port is relatively simple.  I already got a quick proof of concept running and would be glad to help out with an official Mac version of this game.


Looking forward to it mate!  Give me a shout if you need me to do any more testing.

Thanks! Looking forward to it being done :D

Wonderful to hear that your game is on track! I'm really looking forward to play it. That will be a day1-purchase for me. Godspeed! :)

Thanks, we're getting there! It'll be free when it comes out, but if you're feeling generous, feel free to send a buckazoid my way when you download it :)

I will, be assured! Such incredibly beautiful pixel-art deserves some of my hard earned coins! ;)

Your game looks just incredibly beautiful and has a unique style! That's what I call perfect pixel art!

I have played your game at ACGHK2018 today. Its funny and graphic is quite Euro- style.

Thanks for playing!